The Bush Caberet

Bushwahzee’s famous show that teaches kids bush dances and gets the parents involved

Bushwahzee has evolved a number of shows from the Bush Cabaret, which use a very similar timetable –
The Sixties Happening, The Country Music Show, Beach Party, Bush Xmas, Band of Pirates, Bushwahzee Goes to Hollywood…cafe

Some of these shows can be performed as a two-piece band for a smaller school or can be adapted in numerous ways.
Depending on availability of band members some of these shows may not be available on any given date.

Suggested Program

Timetables vary slightly for different places.
This is a typical day for our three piece in Victoria

8.45 - 9.30
Band arrives and sets up
9.30 - 10.15
G’day Show - Performance by band
10.15 - 11.00
Workshops Felix 1, Paul 1, Cyril 1 (We suggest junior school)
11.00 - 11.30
Recess - Opportunity for band to meet staff and discuss the day over a cuppa
11.30 - 12.15
Workshops Felix 2, Paul 2,Cyril 2 (We suggest senior school)
12.15 - 1.00
Workshops Felix 3, Paul 3, Cyril 3 (We suggest middle school)
1.00 - 2.00
2.00 - 2.30
Rehearsals Felix 1, Paul 1, Cryil 1 (separate)
2.30 - 3.00
Rehearsals Felix 2, Paul 2, Cyril 2 (separate)
3.00 - 3.30
Overture and Finale rehearsals Felix 3, Paul 3 , Cyril 3 (all together)
5.00 - 6.00
Suggested time for barbecue or picnic dinner
6.00 - 7.30
Performances by students and invitations to their parents to dance

Classroom Program

The Classroom Program with Felix involves the Juniors learning The Puffing Billy Song, the Seniors – the Galopede and the Troika dances, and the Middle School the Overture and Finale.

Felix needs for his Juniors – a bell, a whistle, two or more flags and drawings done by the kids. Felix needs a CD player for his Senior class. For his middle school kids a selection of percussion instruments.

The Classroom Program with Paul involves the Juniors learning the Stockyards dance, the Seniors performing The Virginia Reel and the Heel and Toe, and the Middle School the Overture and Finale.

The Classroom Program with Cyril involves the Juniors learning The Bush Tucker Song, the Seniors The Rare Old Mountain Dew and the Middle School the Overture and Finale.
Cyril needs his Juniors to be able to do some colouring in of bush tucker drawings and needs a few props for his Seniors.

Contract and Planning

Bushwahzee requires a deposit of approx. 25%, to hold the date, on confirmation of booking and require you to confirm date and venue in writing or by the contract we issue. The band stage manager, Paul Jenkins, will contact you about a month before the performance to plan the day. Please note that evening shows are scheduled for 6pm and finishes later than 7.30pm are by negotiation only.

The suggested program (above) is ideal for schools 230 to 420 children. For smaller schools, we offer one and two-man shows. For larger schools, we usually invite a fourth member of the band to do extra workshops. Another option for very large schools is our 2-day program. There is no charge for parents in the evening.

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Outside Performance

Outside performances are possible for the Cabaret in the evening. Performances outdoors on warm summer and autumn nights have been a great success. It’s a good idea, however, to have a hall booked as a back-up venue in case of inclement weather. Wind, as well as rain, can be a problem.

It is also suggested that where an outside performance is planned that there is some shelter for the band. Where the school has a small hall, and the outside performance has rain forecast we can possibly do two evening shows in the hall – Juniors/Middle School 5.30pm to 6.15pm and Seniors/Middle School 6.30pm to 7.30pm. The daytime program almost invariably needs to be inside.

Program Checklist

  1. Hall for the morning show is available and has enough cleared space for the whole school to sit on the floor.
  2. Three separate venues for the workshops are available and are cleared. Hall, Library, Music Room or some other combination.
  3. School percussion instruments are in Felix's workshop venue.
  4. Each member of staff has access to a copy of the timetable and a copy is available for each band member.
  5. If our PA is located in an area with student access, that it be supervised during recess and lunchtime.
  6. Teachers know that the afternoon rehearsals are a rerun of the morning workshops. The final rehearsal has all three workshop 3 groups combined.
  7. If the evening show is to be at a different location, the band has a map to get them there and the venue is available 45 minutes before show time.
  8. The evening venue is set up prior to the performance. Ideally a cleared hall with room for the band in front of the stage or along one wall. Immediately in front of the band we need a performance space about 10m. wide and 15m. deep.Then another space the same size to allow the students to sit on the floor. Around this open area on three sides can be placed seating for the parents provided the hall has sufficient space. Otherwise some chairs for those who need to sit and the space behind the chairs left for people to stand. THE SEATS CREATE A HORSESHOE AROUND THE PERFORMANCE AREA.
  9. Any food being served to be situated right away from the performance area, so as not to be distracting. Or alternatively the serving of food stops 10 minutes before the start of the show.
  10. For an outside show, general lighting needs to be available for the evening venue. The lighting will be needed until the band has finished packing up.
  11. If decorating the evening venue don't put anything on the wall or stage behind the band. This is where we put our banner.
  13. Payment, if possible, should be made on the day. A Bushawahzee company member will contact the office during the day to get total numbers of students involved and finalise the invoice.
  14. The evening show normally runs for one and a half hours but may vary depending on the time taken to get the students up for there item and the audience's attention.